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Home Health Care Supplies

Kitchen essential supplies
Aids For Daily Living

Full line of aids to help patients who are challenged to assist them in performing day to day routine functions, utensils, plates, cups, sock aids, reachers, dressing aids, long-handled shoe horns, elastic shoelaces, gait belts, bathing aids, ointment applicators, magnifiers, bibs both reusable and disposable.


Full line of adult diapers, pull-ups with elastic waist and taped, plastic pants, liners and pads, under pads of all sizes, both disposable and washable, mattress protectors. All items may be purchased by the package or by the case.


Full line of Catheters; including External, Foley, Self Catheter, Red Rubber, Insertion Trays, Leg Bags, Overnight Drain Bags, Tubing, Irrigation Syringes.

Wound Care & Ostomy Supplies

A variety of specialized Dressings, including Duoderm, Adaptic, Opsite, Tegaderm, Bioguard, Xeroform, Saline, Vaseline, Medipore, Sterile and non-sterile gauze pads, ABD pads, Steri-Strips, Butterflies, Roll Gauze, Elastic Gauze, Sterile cotton tipped applicators, Lemon-glycerine swabsticks, Sterile and non-sterile gloves, latex and vinyl, Nitrile, sterile saline, sterile water and acetic acid irrigation solutions, Castille Soap, tapes including paper, clear and cloth of different widths, Ostomy wafers and pouches along with all accessories, skin preps, stomahesives, adhesive solvents, Odor control products

Sick Room Supplies

Hospital gowns, heel and elbow protectors, eggcrate pads, sheepettes of many sizes, shampoo caps, portable shampooers, no-rinse shampoo, hospital bed sheets, portable commodes, bed safety rails of different sizes, over-bed tables, bed alarms, toothettes, safety stools, transfer board, sitz bath, urinals, bed pans including fracture pans, specimen cups, urine screens and collectors, exercisers, traction kits, knee separators, foot elevators, bed wedges, cushions, including cervical, coccyx, wheelchair, wedges, donut, and travel, shoe covers, bathroom scales, Nutritional supplements such as Ensure, Ensure Plus, Boost, ThickIt and generic products

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