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Durable Medical Equipment

Kitchen essential supplies
Ambulatory Aids

Wheelchairs and transport chairs, regular or heavy duty

Knee Scooters



Walker Supplies

Including baskets, pouches, trays, tips, skis, handles, glides and wheels.

Support Stockings

From mild dress socks and sheer hosiery to medical compression, anti-embolism, knee high and thigh high. Pantyhose available in a variety of colors.

Bathroom Safety

Shower benches, with or without backs or handles, transfer benches, toilet seat risers, with or without handles, toilet safety rails, grab bars, screw in or suction, Hand held shower sprays, bathtub safety bars, bath mats

Respiratory Supplies

Nebulizers, mouthpieces, masks, both adult and pediatric, tubing, masks, both reusable and surgical, volumetric exercisers, incentive spirometers, humidifiers and vaporizers, CPR shields, nasal douche, pulse oximeters.


Blood pressure, both manual and automatic and wrist, cuffs for obese, adolescent, child and infant, Heart rate monitors, stethoscopes, pulse oximeters, TENS units and supplies, Home drug tests

Orthotics & Supports

Supports for ankle, wrist, knee, elbow of various types, arm slings, adult and pediatric, clavicle support, shoulder immobilizer, abdominal binders, rib belts, hernia belts, maternity supports, lumbo-sacral and other back supports, post-op shoes, cast boots, air casts, thumb spicas, cervical collars, heel cushions, shoe insoles and orthotics, elastic bandages, plantar fasciitis night splints, calf and thigh supports, arthritis gloves, Full line of hot and cold packs, Thermopore, moist heating pads, instant ice packs, gel packs of all sizes, hot water bottles.

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