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Approximately 69 million Americans take three or more prescriptions per month, requiring multiple trips to the pharmacy. Many consumers say they miss doses of their medications because they forget to refill their prescription before they run out. Missed or skipped doses of medication cause 125,000 deaths every year and account for 10 to 25 percent of hospital and nursing home admissions.

Cost, forgetfulness, and complicated medication regimens drive poor patient medication adherence. Medication synchronization, incorporating your pharmacist, can improve patient adherence and persistence by bundling medications, which helps decrease the frequency of pharmacy visits and reduce the negative effects of forgetfulness and complicated regimens. It also helps to decrease total healthcare costs.

Once enrolled in medication synchronization, our pharmacists will review your medication list with you and create a plan to synchronize them in order for you to pick them all up on the same day each month. We will call to confirm your monthly pick up date each month and discuss with you any changes that may have occurred during the previous month. The pharmacy will then prepare your medications prior to your visit. Next, you visit your pharmacy to pick up your medications and discuss with the pharmacist any questions you may have.

One of the biggest complaints for patients is the long wait times associated with waiting for your prescriptions to be prepared for you in your pharmacy. By enrolling in medication synchronization, your pharmacy will proactively fill your medications prior to your visit. This will allow you to essentially walk up to the pharmacy counter, ask for your prescriptions, and walk out.

In addition to the benefits above, medication synchronization helps create a relationship between you are your pharmacist. Your relationship with your pharmacist should be similar to your other practitioners. Use these monthly meetings to ask questions about your medications: how do they work, when is the best time to take the medications, and how to improve your outcomes.

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If you or your loved one is a patient who takes multiple monthly medications you may benefit from this program. Contact us a call or stop in so we can help you enroll in this free service and help you be well.

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