About Hyde Drug

A Family-Owned and Operated Pharmacy for 128 Years

Spero and George Stefanis

Hyde Drug Store was founded by Alfred Hyde in 1890. Mr. Hyde operated the pharmacy and transitioned ownership to his son, Alfred, who operated the pharmacy until the mid-1950’s.

The Hydes began a tradition of personal service for their patients that has been continued through 2 more sets of owners until the pharmacy was purchased by Pharmacist George Stefanis, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, in 1978. George has maintained the level of personal service created by the Hydes, and by utilizing the modern technology available to pharmacies today, Hyde Drug Store has taken personal service to a new level. This type of pharmacy practice is not something you find at the large corporate pharmacies that everyone is familiar with.

George’s son, Spero Stefanis Pharm. D. joined the practice officially in 2012, although he spent the previous 8 years working at the pharmacy while attending high school and college. Spero has brought with him all the knowledge of a recent graduate of Duquesne University School of Pharmacy and the technological skills available to best deliver up to date patient care.

The Hyde Drug Store team is easily accessible. We are open 7 days a week and when you call us, a person answers the phone. George and Spero plan to continue practicing pharmacy at Hyde Drug Store, attending to their patients’ needs for many years to come. Hyde Drug Store is the oldest, continuously operating the pharmacy in the state of Pennsylvania and we plan to see that Hyde Drug Store continues these traditions.


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